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FREE! D.A. Sends Bear Lincoln Case to Lungren
Apparently last-ditch effort to convict Native man of something, anything

FREE! Seven Redwood Tree Sitters In Place As Winter Storms Begin
Julia "Butterfly" Hill approaching 1-year anniversary, others protecting David Chain death site

Bloody confrontation with police leaves at least 16 dead, fears of martial law as Suharto's cronies jockey for power against unprecedented popular movement
+ Uneasy Calm Settles Over Jakarta
+ Unrest Spreads To 16 Indonesian Cities
+ Indonesian Riots After Troops Kill Protesters

Indonesian Military Controls Business Empire
Owns or directs $8 billion investment in forestry, food supply, real estate, much more

U.S. Makes Token Dues Payment To Stay In UN
Poor countries like Pakistan loaning UN money because of U.S. debt

Clinton And Congress Agree: Guns, Not Diplomacy
More money for Pentagon, intelligence, and the drug war only in 1999 budget

Are Abortion-Linked Killings Start Of New Terrorism?
Possible link between militias and violent anti-abortion fringe

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
The olestra conspiracy; new questions about "Mad Cow" disease; apparent USDA coverup; electric company bailout; Bob Dornan goes down swinging

Tobacco Settlement Ignores Global Problems
$206 billion for U.S. smokers as Big Tobacco aggressively pushes sales overseas
Smoking May Kill One-Third Of Chinese Men
Largest investigation ever on the hazards of tobacco
+ Jim Hightower The 1998 Election Rebellion
+ Indians Become A Political Force
            First-ever ballot victory for wide recognition of sovereignty
+ Incumbent Victories
            The "party" that won was the Incumbents -- more than 90% reelected
+ Voters to GOP: Drop The Appeals To Bigotry
            Society less tolerant of white-bread cultural rigidity
+ Low Turnout Refutes Sign Of Mandate
            Record low voting in many states
+ D'Amato Collected Million$ In "Soft" Money
            On both Finance and Banking Committee, D'Amato was key GOP bag man
+ Voters Wanted Campaign Finance Reform
            Strong call from voters in states with initiatives
+ Election 2000: Winner-take-all Sweepstakes
            Either GOP or Demos will likely control Congress, White House
+ Fred And Pat Have Cookies And Milk
            Imagine a polite campaign without negative ads

Crack Up by Gary Webb DARK ALLIANCE author Gary Webb forces CIA to acknowledge that it knew that the contras were planning to deal drugs in the U.S. and did nothing to stop it, and that the Agency deliberately misled Congress on what it knew about the problem

White-Out: The CIA, Drugs and the Press

New book by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, catalog fifty years of Agency involvement with drugs

Analysis by historian Alfred W. McCoy, author of The Politics of Heroin

Pinochet Investigation Raising Questions On U.S. Ties To Political Murders
Washington refuses to cooperate with European probe of "Operation Condor"
"Made in USA" Garments Coming From Controversial Island
Foreign-owned factories use Asian fabric and staffed by overseas labor

Major Agreement On Sweatshop Monitoring
Corporations finally to allow human rights observers into factories

Forest Firest Choke Russia's Far East
Nearly 4 million acres of forest wiped out
Corporations Can't Be Penalized For Supporting Dictatorships
Court decision is major setback for states, local governments demanding accountability
Climate Change May Be Driving Arctic Caribou To Extinction
Dramatic decline in Canada's western ArcticFREE!

Corporations Join Enviros In Global Warming Alliance
Called long-term business decision by CEOs

Peary Caribou grazing on Bathurst Island, Canadian Arctic. Victims of Climate Change. August 1998

INS Freed Violent Criminals, Wasted $77 Million
GAO report slams Service for incompetence, waste
EPA Lax Policies On Child Lead Exposure
Expert says government still favors lead industry or economic concerns
"Terminator" Seed Nears Approval
Calls for global boycott of sterile seed technology

Angry Biotech Firms Slam Monsanto For Industry's Bad Image
European consumer acceptance of engineered food has collapsed

Protesters Stop Nuclear Dump On U.S. - Mexican Border
6 year grassroots campaign succeeds

"False" Memory Is Common, Study Shows
Researchers surprised how easily fake memories created
Asian Activists Tell Al Gore: Your Corporations Are Causing Our Problems
Transnational banks and companies were source of Asian economic meltdown
Jim Hightower Clinton's Asian Flim-Flam
Russia's Lost Suitcase Nukes
General confirms more than 100 suitcase-sized nuclear weapons had 'disappeared'
A New Low For Rupert Murdoch
Inflammatory story of Israel creating "ethnic" Arab bomb

+ Media Bloodlust For Saddam Attack
+ What Those "Got Milk?" Ads Ignore


+ Phony Sweatshop Reform Plan
+ The Politics of Hurricane Mitch
+ The CIA And Drugs

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