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Growing Call For Ethics Investigation Of Henry Hyde FREE!
Lied about ties to private eye who investigated critic
New Details of Henry Hyde Role in Failed S&L FREE!
Critic says Bush administration blocked probe of powerful congressman
No Charges in Forest Activist Logging Death, DA Says FREE!
Lawsuit from family expected to follow

Enviros Call Mobil-Exxon Merger Dangerous
Each corporation working hard to defeat global warming pollution regulations
Pacific Lumber Moves on Protesters At Death Site FREE!
As Sheriff also completes long-awaited report on forest protester's death

Impeachment Merry-Go-Round Notes From the Impeachment Battlefront
Highlights and lowlights from Washington's impeachment debates

Alexander Cockburn: This Reckless Hour
Republicans can scarcely believe their luck in having gotten this far

Congress Vs. The American People
More will abandon hope that Congress still serves the public

Clinton Blessed By The Incompetence Of His Enemies
GOP impeachment strategy is self-contradicting: Let's-do-it-quick / let's-widen-the-inquiry

Henry Hyde's Runaway Train
Caught in a trap of their own making, House Republicans learned nothing from Newt's fall

With a death sentence expected within months and a
one-sided report on 20/20, supporters are mobilizing
to bring a million protesters into the streets in April

+ Nationwide Demonstrations For Jamal
+ How Mumia Gets Declared "Guilty" in the Media
+ Mumia Abu-Jamal Background

Pepper Spray on Demonstrators OK'd by Judge, New Police Guidelines FREE!
"It's a green light to torture," says lawyer J. Tony Serra

Indonesia Opens Probe of Suharto, Questions Ex-Dictator
Official nvestigation into alleged $40 billion fortune called "political theater," street protests continue

The Inquisitor Returns

Asian Economic Woes Harm Decades Of Women's Progress
Forced to make greatest sacrifices in family, workplace, or in school

Scientists Pressured To Approve Cattle Hormone, Canadian Whistleblowers Say
Researchers say drugs and growth hormones approved despite warnings

Bombardment of Iraq the Act of an Imperial President
It's about the price of oil, stupid

New Congress More Conservative, In Debt To Christian Right
More Demos will be aligned with GOP on social issues

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
Coming plagues; Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Pacific Lumber; NY Times censorship on letters page; latest on CIA, Vatican, Mafia scandal

Corporate Giants Pledge To Abandon Old-Growth Wood
Home Depot still target of boycott for refusing agreement to be environmentally responsible

Shrimp, Salmon Farms More Harmful To Nature Than Believed
Still destroys wild fish populations, but ecological costs hidden from consumer

Since a 1995 blockade to stop logging at a sacred place they call 'Ista,' the Nuxalk tribe has fought international corporations and Canada in their demand  for sovereignty

Mendocino D.A. Massini And Vroman Throw Charges FREE!
Cynically used Bear Lincoln retrial to avoid voter criticism, successor believes

Pinochet Attempting to Portray Himself as Martyr
Ex-dictator was already rewriting history to make regime appear democratic

Great White Shark Teaching Sharks To Link People With Food Is Recipe For Disaster
Great White Shark diving tours becoming popular tourist attraction

Ocean Trawling Worse than Forest Clearcutting
Each year, trawlers destroy seabed twice as large as U.S.

Labor, Human Rights Groups Divided On Sweatshop Accord
Product of two years of White House-sponsored negotiations called unacceptable

Asian Air Pollution Recorded In U.S.
Includes carbon monoxide, sulfur, other byproducts of industry

Chinese Black Market in Ozone-Killers Thrives
Made in China and elsewhere, then sold to U.S. and Europe

Enviros Want World Bank To Admit Pollution Projects
25 times more money loaned to fossil fuel projects than renewable energy

Japan Taking Aggressive Lead In "Emissions Trading"
Scheme allows nations to buy pollution credits from poor nations instead of cleanup

Songbird Fewer Songbirds Linked to Forest Fragmentation FREE!
Loss of habitat means eggs at greater risk from predators

Australia Knew, Kept Quiet On 1991 East Timor Atrocities
Papers ask if Australia conspired with Indonesia to mislead world

Navajo Community Split On Uranium Mine
Precedent-setting case as some Navajo ask Nuclear Regulatory Commission to revoke permit

Central America Environment In Rapid Decline, Joint Report Says
UN, World Bank, others agree that fragile region faces calamity

Why Ford, GM Deals With Hitler Still Matter
Companies fattened profits using slave labor from death camps

Thai Citizen's Execution Date Became World Issue
United States is increasingly isolated as executions become routine

The CIA Becomes Mideast Cop
'War against terrorism' is turning CIA into foot soldiers for both Israel and PLO

Logging PR Chops Up Dr. Seuss' Lorax
Meet mild-mannered Truax the logger and nasty Guardbark, who throws tantrums

+ Offenses Worthy Of Impeachment
+ Pinochet Case Makes U.S. Media Squirm

+ Millennium Politics
+ The Return of "Big Oil"
+ An "Irresponsible" Press Is Best

Interview With a Pie Thrower
Controversial (but edible) protest of public figures deemed unaccountable

Willie Brown is pied

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