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Fatal NY Police Shooting of African Man Sparks Tension
5000+ mourners at funeral of unarmed man shot 19 times

Dutch Suspect Covert 1992 Nuke Weapon Transfer to Israel
Bush admin apparently was smuggling parts for nukes and bio-weapons to Tel Aviv

Indonesia Arming Timor Death Squads, Army Admits FREE!
Apparently terrorism to discourage independence movement

Alexander Nikitin Russian Supreme Court Leaves Enviro Whisteblower In Limbo FREE!
Court tells KGB agency to continue 3-year investigation of former navy officer

Ag Corporations Rushing to Patent Sterile Seeds
Some bio-engineered seeds won't even grow unless sprayed with other patented chemicals

Panic in the Year Zero
It's not the Y2K bug that you should fear in January -- it's the millenial madness of your neighbor

Impeachment Merry-Go-Round The End
If there's a lesson in this, it's that the GOP is the party of "moral decay"

Time For Starr To Go
Still on the prowl for something, anything, he can get on Clinton

GOP: The Party of Prying
Repubs stake out territory on morality and prying into your personal life

The End is Nigh
With final vote little in doubt, Senate GOPers go through the motions

GOP's "Fatal Attraction" to Bedroom Politics
Repubs may have found their nemesis in their party's own tortured soul

Texaco Tries to Move $1.5 Billion Pollution Suit Out of U.S Court FREE!
Proposed move to Ecuador likely to harm class action suit for Natives as nation depends heavily on oil revenues

Jim Hightower Rainforest Natives hold Texaco accountable

Congress Pushes For Greenhouse Pollution Trades
Loophole would allow industry to continue polluting by trading "credits" with Third World

Environmental Risks Trigger Japanese Wave of Fear
Nation shocked by discovery of frequent high levels of dioxin and carcinogens

Summit on Third World Lead Poisoning
2/3 of world's children in crowded cities have high levels

DDT Off Southern California Beach is Spreading
LA Superfund site contaminated with DDT and PCB was believed to be stable

Japan Whaling Under Guise of Science
Large factory-boats will reap about $50 million from meat in this "scientific hunting expedition"

Japan's Ivory Imports May Doom Elephants
Only country that still has active sales

"Banned" Tiger Products Still Sold Openly in Japan
Tokyo traditional medicine stores exploit treaty loophole to sell parts of endangered species

Cambodia's Genocide Investigation Turns to U.S. Role
1969-73 bombings killed more than 600,000 peasants and displaced millions

Fears of Eco-Disaster in Caspian Sea
$7.4 billion oil drilling project in pristine area with no environmental oversight whatsoever

contraception rosary Immaculate Conception
Catholic HMOs, hospitals and affiliates, which together play an ever-larger role in healthcare delivery, are effectively eliminating virtually every health-related feminist victory of the past thirty years

EPA Takes a Giant Step Backwards
Requiring animal tests on known toxic substances, like turpentine

IMF and World Bank: Twins in Trouble
Lack of accountability to the masses affected by their bad decisions

Fired Med Journal Editor Shows Hypocrisy of Sex Debate
Like most American society, medical community uncomfortable with discussing sexuality

Clinton More Conservative Than GOP on Cuba
Anti-Castro zealots are politically powerful in key states of Florida and N Jersey

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
Monitor impeachment predictions were accurate; possible sex extortion in Olympic scandal; pharmaceutical fraud; Nestle ethics

Asia's wealthiest countries are dumping toxic waste on their poor neighbors or upon the lands of their Native peoples

Taiwan Used Bribes, Corruption to Dump Mercury Waste in Cambodia

Singapore Exports Toxic "Landfill" to Indonesia

Enough is Enough, Austrialian Natives Say of Nuke Dump Plan

"McLibel" Appeal Rekindles Censorship Debate
Corporations using courts and threat of suit to silence opponents

Native Groups Try Again For International Rights
U.S. and other nations fear Native recognition could lead to independence movements

Anti-Migrant Border Policies Not Working, Often Fatal
Numbers of illegal Mexican migrants hasn't dropped, but death toll has skyrocketed

Relax, Al Gore: You're Running Unopposed
Republican Party has morphed into Operation Rescue

Falwell Explains The Antichrist
After several weeks of outrage for anti-semitic remark, Falwell apologized -- sort of

Expert Journalists Create Bad Journalism
How much should a journalist know -- or endorse -- the topic being reported?

Coke's World Takeover Plot
Like tobacco companies, soft drink makers pushing into Third World

+ Politics As Performance Art
+ Poverty Kept Off National Agenda

+ Clinton's Environmental Sham
+ The Problem With Hitchens
+ The Prosecutorial State
toy truck L E T T E R SFREE!

Stop Wasting Tax Dollars on S.U.V. Terrorists
Buying an SUV makes a statement: I deserve to live more than you do

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