Albion Monitor Issue 57 Late January, 1999
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U.S. Pushing Widspread Use Of Experimental "Drug Fungus" To Kill Pot Plants
Unproven use of soil microbe called akin to germ warfare

State Takes Over Bear Lincoln Case at Request of Defeated Prosecutor FREE!
Dramatic moment as Deputy Attorney General pushes aside newly-elected D.A.

Canada Rejects Bovine Growth Hormone
Although scientists had testified they faced industry and political pressure to approve

IMF Admits it Mishandled Asia Crisis
But critics also charge that agency allowed pluder of nations by investors

Impeachment Merry-Go-Round Driving Republicans Around The Bend
GOP hates Clinton because he's swiped their best themes

Henry Hyde's Last Harrumph
Hyde and his posse reside in a world of their own

Playing to a Y2000 Audience
Impeachment speeches and State of the Union address aimed for voters

No Tears for Bob Barr
Porn king Larry Flynt proves a better journalist than Matt Drudge

Nixon's Forgotten Impeachable Crime
1974 House Judiciary Committee decided ordinary violations of law didn't warrant impeachment

Today Clinton, Tomorrow the Judges
House GOP Whip Tom DeLay also trying to impeach federal judges not to his liking

In Crisis, Clinton Hides Behind Pentagon
Military is Clinton's security blanket: When he's in a jam, he deploys it or funds it

Lott's Little White Lies
Senate GOP Leader lies about ties to white supremacist group

State Of Union Shows Clinton As Reagan-FDR Hybrid
Historians will see President's gambit rooted in tradition

Nearly 100 Million Indonesians Now Below Poverty Line
About half of entire population

Catch 20

Analysis by Constitutional scholar Bruce Ackerman, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale
The way the House impeached Clinton will cause a Constitutional Crisis for years to come
© John Desalvio
Swiss Plan to Dump Nuke Waste in Russia
Russian storage facilities not covered by international safeguards

Australia Seeking New Laws for Sex Slavery
Traffickers exploiting Asian economic woes to lure women seeking new life

Japan Tries to Sink Whale Sanctuary Plan
Unique South Pacific safe zone could scuttle large-scale Japanese whaling

Quayle Sounding Like Candidate Again
Calls Clinton and Gore "new-age socialists" who "hyperventilate over global warming"

Water Woes, Water Wars
{ The Politics of Water FREE!
Overview of Monitor series on global water crisis

A World of Thirst
If the United States ever declares war against Canada, it may be over water

dam Unique Lawsuit Ties River Damage To Urban Growth FREE!
Claims city is destroying river and its wildlife 100 miles away

The Pathogens in our Water
Health threats from huge factory farms and agribusiness fertilizers

Paradise Lost
An acre of American wetlands disappears every hour

Where It Goes, Nobody Knows
We really don't understand much about how water moves underground

Boats A Source Of MTBE In Water FREE!
Contamination in lakes and reservoirs

What Social Security Crisis?
Wall Street behind myth that Social Security is in trouble

Reno Faces Tough Decisions in Pinochet Case
Risks further exposing U.S. complicity in 1973 military coup

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
EPA boondoggle creates expensive consumer pamphlet; Indonesian Army rapes confirmed; gasoline subsidies far higher than earlier thought; U.S. takes step to keep "Mad Cow" disease from blood supply; Silicon Valley millionaires funding racist hate groups

Dying Coral Could Be Environment Warning FREE!
Hundred-year-old corals falling to diseases they previously survived

Butterfly How the Butterfly Got its Spots, and Other Mysteries
Same genetic "trick" gives the elephant its trunk and tortise its shell

Mexicans Living in U.S. Denied Voting Rights in Mexico
Government apparently fears 10 million Mexican citizens would vote for broad reforms

Gold Miners Creating Sand Dunes in Jungle
Illegal, destructive gold prospecting in Indonesian national forest

Enough With the Responsible Journalism!
Time for the media to "move on" from heavy coverage of international news (humor)

U.S. Laws Behind Sweatshop Boom
Employers frighten pro-union immigrants with threats to report them to INS

Norman Solomon The Punditry Missing From Prime Time

+ The FDA's Guinea Pigs
+ No Future For Congressional GOP
+ The Corruption of Justice

What You're (Not) Missing On Daytime TeeVee
No more ads for the prototypical housewife -- now the poor and sick are targeted

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