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News and analysis on the crisis you won't find in mainstream media

House on Fire by Theodora U.S. in Violation of 1973 War Powers Act
60 day limit was set to stop Nixon bombing of Cambodia

When Will the Media Call it War? FREE!
U.S. media promotes White House spin on NATO involvement

Milosevic War Crimes Charges Open Pandora's Box
NATO leaders also charged for recent targeting of civilians

NATO's "Humanitarian" Reasons for War FREE!
Control of oil, need for excuse to build up militaries

Barbara Ehrenreich: "Mission Creep" Towards a Major War

3 Views of Aleksinac
We've hit this area several times. You can probably tell why. There's a lot of buildings in it. It's one of the major military garrisons for vehicle storage, etc. ... We hit it in four places yesterday. There were four places aimed at. One of the bombs landed long in a field. There was some claim of some collateral there yesterday. We can find no indication whatsoever where any of our bombs landed where they could have been collateral.

- Captain Mike Doubleday, Dept. of Defense News Briefing, May 29

How NATO Has Rewritten the Rules of Combat
Our advanced military technology killing 5 times as many civilians as WWII

No Excuse for NATO's Bombing of Civilians
Many in Europe now call it a "coward's war"

U.S. Warned: Don't Use Landmines in Kosovo
But U.S. one of two NATO countries not to sign anti-landmine treaty

Cluster Bombs Target Innocents
Compared to land mines, but not covered by treaties

Yugoslav Economy Will Take Decade to Rebuild
More than 500,000 workers out of work from bombing, major factories burned

War on Kosovo Wrecks Pentagon World View
Generals were happier when there were just "A-list" potential foes

Russia-India-China Bloc More Likely
Called impractical in Dec. now seen as needed to counter NATO


"Unintentional" Bombing Repeats a Familiar Pattern
U.S. has often hit political targets when unwelcome peace is likely

How the Story of Embassy Bombing Changed FREE!
At least three contradictory versions

Serb Anger Deepens Over Civilian Bomb Targets
Destruction greater than Nazi bombing in WWII

The Baby Boomer War

As Bombs Continue Falling, So Do Clinton Ratings
Lowest public approval in three years

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round GOP Whines About "Gore Tax"
Screwy argument made schools and libraries the villian

The Return of the Yellow Peril
GOP finds a platform in Chinese spy hysteria

CIA Screws Up, Gets Raise
Backers claim embassy bombing snafu "proof" that agency is underfunded

Washington Dependent on Gun Money
NRA and pals outspent gun control groups by almost 27 to 1

Pay Raise for Govt Leaders in the Works
GOP leaders want to give Clinton a raise so their salaries will follow

Clinton Plays the Littleton Card
Hasty summit on youth before Hollywood trip

John McCain's Squishy 1st Amendment
Senator eager to quash all kinds of free speech

Judi Bari vs. FBI et. al.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Spreading Violence in East Timor
Indonesia arming and training violent militia groups

NYC Police Admission of Brutal Assault
Was accused of beating immigrant and forcing stick into his rectum

Shell Sued by Family of Eco-Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa FREE!
Case could make companies like Shell financially liable for human rights abuses

Yeltsin Won, Russia Lost in Power Struggle
Despite Yeltsin approval rating only about 2 percent

404 Section: The Missing News
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
Misinformation about Y2K; the search for Serb atrocities; White House hires PR expert for Kosovo; Chevron decides what's news

CIA, DEA, Operated Without Oversight in Brazil
As Brazilian air force officers were shipping cocaine to Europe on military flights

White Oryx Cuban Spies Infiltrated U.S. Anti-Castro Groups
Miami grand jury unravels fantastic tale like spy thriller

Health Alert Sounded Over Plastic Baby Bottles
Researchers find chemical that disrupts hormones

DDT, Other Pesticides Found in Breast Milk FREE!
Alarming study for women who eat Lake Ontario fish

Slavery Conditions on Island Source of "Made in USA" Clothes
Human rights group says some workers not paid at all

Discovery of Agent Orange Dump Haunts Thailand
U.S. secretly tested chemical in friendly nation during Viet War

Ten Years After, China's Tiananmen Wounds Fester
Chinese leadership tries to suppress memory of open rebellion

Arabian Oryx Faces Second Extinction FREE!
Poachers had wiped out wild herds in 1972

Dan Quayle, School Disciplinarian
Campaign theme based on bizarre theory

Are Black Women the New Menace to Society?
Imprisonment rates equal those of black men in some states

Literary Fascism at The New York TimesFREE!
Newspaper attacks author Joyce Maynard for selling her love letters

Gore Opposing Help For African AIDS Victims
Supports drug companies who oppose making low-cost AIDS drugs available

Schools React Predictably to Littleton Shootings
Banning trenchcoats, harassing students wearing black or with funny hair

+ The Village Idiots Head Home
+ Texas Budget and the Fat Cats
+ The Great Chinese Spy Scandal
+ Big Money Behind Right Wing Think Tanks

+ Media Ignores Violation of War Powers Act
+ New Treasury Dept. Boss Needs Scrutiny
+ If A Cluster Bomb Could Talk

+ Making a Case for War Crimes
+ Clinton and the War Powers Act
+ The Old Druid's Last Campaign
+ Ulster Veto, Ulster Terror


Photo of Arabian Oryx by Dr. Mike Hill courtesy emirate of Abu Dhabi

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