Albion Monitor Issue 61 Late April / Early May 1999
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News and analysis on the crisis you won't find in mainstream media

toxic cloud Bombs Unleash Toxic Clouds Over Belgrade FREE!
Workers dump tons of carcinogens into Danube to avoid explosion

After the Bombs, Eco-disaster and Hunger
Poisoned waters, farming centers destroyed at height of planting season

End Eco-Destruction, Serb Scientists Plead FREE!
Long-term effects for that entire area of Europe

KLA Donations Likely Going to Drug Biz, Germany Warns
Used to launder money of heroin smugglers

Spectre of Ground War Haunts NATO Summit
World leaders see "bloody and muddy" war inevitable

Russian Threats Begin to Disturb U.S.
Growing anti-American sentiment could led Yeltsin to be aggressive

U.S. Trying to Block UN Censure for Kosovo Eco Destruction
Russia wants condemnation for water, air pollution

Belgrade Dancing on the Bridge FREE!
Citizens of Kosovo defend their cities

To Serbs, It's Now the NATO War
More damage than all of WWII

NATO Bombs Unite Serbs
NATO failed to consider the history and psychology of Serbs

Is China Playing a Hidden Role in the Kosovo Crisis?
Couldhave bigger role for peaceful settlement than Russia

Anti-Environmental Riders on Kosovo Relief Bill FREE!
Up to $123 million write-off for oil companies

Washington Merry-Go-Round Bush Raking in the Bucks
Millions from well-heeled corporate pals of dad

Why Pundits are Never Wrong
Study finds that 3 out of 4 refuse to admit it

The Latest S&L Outrage
Without debate, Congress adds $40 billion to bailout

Claiming a "Moral Authority" For Bombing
The Clinton administration's selective indignation

Demos Roll Over For NATO Bombing
D.C. liberals don't challenge Clinton policies

Bear Lincoln Bear Lincoln Case Finally Over FREE!
End of four-year ordeal for Native man charged with killing deputy

U.S. Refuses To Destroy Smallpox Stockpile
Violates 1996 pledge to eliminate last of deadly virus

Protect Ecosystems, Not Species, Study Warns
Harm to a "keystone" species may have cascade effect

Few Cheer Oil Giant's Earth Day Award
British Petroleum slightly more eco-sensitive than other refineries

Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
The prescription drug connection to Littleton; genetic engineering producing superweeds; House Republicans hack Democrat web site; the 1990s as the Prison Era

KPFA protest Demonstators Protest KPFA Firings, "Gag Rules" FREE!
Protest photos, links to Pacifia controversy

Alexander Cockburn Rebellion at Pacifica

Rwanda Copes With Murderous Past on "Genocide Day"
How does a nation recover after a neighbor tried to slaughter the family next door?

Central America a Cocaine Warehouse
Despite millions spent on patrols to combat drug trafficking

Stop Police From Stalling Trial, Judi Bari Lawyer Says FREE!
FBI and Oakland police use continuing eight years of courtroom tactics in bombing case

Canadian Natives Sitting on Diamond Mine
Poorest communities may own rights to one of world's largest deposits

Vietnam Might Sue for Agent Orange Damage
Claims life of Vietnamese sprayed was shortened by ten years

Panic in the Year Zero
It's not the Y2K bug that you should fear in January -- it's the millenial madness of your neighbor

Revolving Doors:  Monsanto and the Regulators

The response to the tragedy will be metal detectors, or more police at schools, or gun control, or limits on Internet freedom -- anything that offers an easy solution

+ Blaming Everything Except Guns
+ Media Rushes to Exploit Littleton Tragedy
+ Media Finds Easy Monster in 'Goth' Subculture
+ Alexander Cockburn: U.S. Military Connections to Tragedy
+ Littleton Signals Death of the "Public" School
+ There is no Epidemic of Teen Violence
+ The Trenchcoat Mafia: Just Never Good Enough
+ Rush to Blame the Internet

Songbird Ban New Shrimp Farms, Enviro Groups Tell UN
Destructive industry has destroyed vast costal areas in Asia and Latin America

Researchers Find History of Rainforest Told in Birdsong FREE!
To humans it may sound like music -- but to the birds, birdsong represents survival

What Makes The Birdies Sing? Melatonin
Almost as if birds entered puberty every spring

Mexican Army Destroying Chiapas Rainforest
Tied to five-year standoff with Zapatista rebels

FREE! The 200,000 Skeletons in Richard Holbrooke's Closet
Gained U.S. support for Indonesia's genocide against East Timor

11,000 or Not, Signs Loom of a Dow Crash
Scary vignettes from stock market analyst

Jim Hightower
PBS Promotes the "Stock Market" Game

Gun Zealots Promote Discredited Study
Bogus claim that concealed guns are "great equalizer" to scare criminals

The Hard Business of Telling False Science From True
Like most of public, political commentators on left and right have trouble with scientific "proof"

+ In Praise of Asking "Wrong" Questions
+ Worthy and Unworthy Victims of War
+ Martin Luther King, War Protester

+ To Serbia From Vietnam
+ Driving While White
Sodomobile The Televised Revolution of Michael Moore
It's not easy being funny and revolutionary at the same time


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