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Since 1995, more than 10,000 articles have appeared in the electronic pages of the Monitor. These are some of the most popular features, along with special Index sections to update stories that continue. (A password is required to read some articles. Here is information on how to subscribe.)


The Uncovered News

Our 2005 list of U.S. news media mistakes
 Jessica Mitford

The astonishing life and times of Jessica Mitford
 Who's Hiding Osama Bin Laden?

Hint: Ask Pakistan's military elite
Why They Hate Us

3-part series on Iran, Afghanistan, Israel
 The Race For The Last Drop

Tipping point comes in year 2025
 The Failure

Historian's overview of the Bush presidency
 The Smash of Civilizations

The other assault on Iraq: vandalizing and robbing the cradle of civilization
 Who Owns Iraq?

Iraq's debt of staggering proportions

2004 top-ten list of "passive press" flaws
 On Bended Knee II: The Media Treatment Of Bush

Media's big rollover for Bush similar to the Reagan years
Outposts of Empire

106 bases in Iraq alone
Bush Things to Come

Predictions for Bush second term proving accurate
 The Attempted Murder of Judi Bari

The complete 33,000 word interview with Bari that first appeared in New Settler magazine, illustrated with photos from Bari's personal collection
 The Judi Bari Bombing Revisited
 conversations with the unabomber
 The Bush Files

Introduction to Fortunate Son
 The Burning of Fortunate Son

Questions raised in controversial biography of Bush
 The Unexamined Man

Little media attention to scandal-ridden past
 Confessions Of A Sweatshop Inspector


Our full 10-year archive of sweatshop abuses by top U.S. companies

 Mulan's Sisters  Mulan's Sisters

 Santa's Little Sweatshop

The Lost History of The U.S. and Iraq

Reagan's enthusiastic support of Saddam's regime
 Oil and the Permanent War

Oil as the cause of a never-ending international war
 Psy-Ops: The Fine Art Of War Propaganda

The fine art of war propaganda
 Round Valley

Who murdered the sheriff's deputy on that lonesome mountain road?
 The Anthrax Letters

Somewhere out there in America is a would-be mass killer
 The Crack Up by Gary Webb

The CIA and cocaine trafficking
 Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia ""Butterfly" Hill and her remarkable protest

 Enron puzzle

The puzzle of the ENRON coverups
 The September 11 Nuclear Scenario

The September 11 nuclear scenario
The Pusher Man

America's secret weapons
The Juarez Women's Murders

Mexico's city of murder
 outsourced american jobs

The outsourcing of American jobs
Clinton And His Enemies

Vultures in both parties pick the bones
The Real Price of Oil

At least $300 million annually in subsidies
 The Politics of Lyme Disease

The politics of Lyme Disease
Who Killed Martin Luther King?

Who killed Martin Luther King?
A Short History Of April 19, 1995, 9:02

The madness of Timothy McVeigh
Others Unknown

McVeigh trial left serious answered questions

The Kosovo War
Killer Vaccine

Polio vaccine's deadly legacy

The scam that was Fortuna Alliance
Dreaming Castaneda

Controversies surrounding Carlos Castaneda

The dark history of the Freemen movement
 Just Say No

"Just Say No" just doesn't work

The war on abortion fought by the Christian Right

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