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Congratulations! You've just found that rarest thing on the Internet -- something unique.

Among the myriad Internet news sites, blogs, and web pages, the ALBION MONITOR is a different kind of media source, with coverage of the important news stories ignored by the mainstream press, as well as the overlooked angles of stories that make the headlines. Together, it's the "news you're missing," as our motto says.

And we offer all this without ads. No pop-ups, no pop-unders, no roll-overs, no ads from Gooooooogle. Why? Because advertising poisons the news media. Look at any example: newspapers, magazines, television or radio. In each case, you'll find the advertising flank of the business heavily influencing the editorial side. As Ted Koppel said when he retired from ABC's Nightline, "We exist to put commercials on the air. The programming that is put on between those commercials is simply the bait we put in the mousetrap." Ad money controls newsroom budgets, which dictates how much news is reported as well as what kind of of news appears. The objective of news reporting becomes the need to draw ever-increasing amounts of advertising; as a result, "junk food news" -- pop culture and sensational stories -- dominate the mainstream media (and yes, that includes Fox News).

But what really makes the Monitor unique is the context it provides. We view today's events as just the latest doings in the long narrative of our times, and believe news must be presented in context, or else it's just an assortment of random facts. To provide those insights, every article has one or more links to related Monitor stories, or a special Monitor index on the topic. Since the Monitor has been published continuously on the Internet since 1995, we can draw upon our massive archive of over 12,500 articles to dig deep into that story's background. And because the Monitor isn't a blog or a "portal" site, our context links don't branch off to other websites, where the original article may be no longer found.

Besides original investigative articles, we offer stories chosen from wire services and news syndicates both in the U.S. and abroad, as well as commentary from regional media sources around the world. Many articles are free, but copyright restrictions don't allow us to make every story available to the Internet at large. But for only $9.95 (US) a year, anyone can subscribe to the Albion Monitor and access all of the 12,500+ items in the archives. U.S. residents can even pick a FREE book or DVD offers as our thanks!

What kinds of articles appear in the Monitor? Sample our FAVORITES, or consider some of these stories covered in recent issues:


AL QAEDA'S NEXT GENERATION   The Terror War will really begin as thousands of Iraq-trained jihadis return to their home countries throughout the Middle East and Western Europe


HOW BUSH BROUGHT IRAN AND IRAQ TOGETHER   The money to reconstruct Iraq is increasingly dependent upon Iranian financiers


2005 MEDIA LOWLIGHTS: THE UNCOVERED NEWS   How the media fails the public interest by waiting for stories to be handed to them


THE OTHER ASSAULT ON IRAQ: VANDALIZING AND ROBBING THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION   U.S. forces unwilling to stop massive, ongoing looting of historical sites across Iraq


WHO'S HIDING OSAMA BIN LADEN?   The world's most famous fugitive is probably living next door to Pakistan's military elite, and with their welcome


USDA CHEATED BLACK FARMERS OUT OF MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT   A group representing 100,000 African American farmers has filed a class-action suit -- to collect the billions of dollars due from winning another class-action suit proving that the Ag Dept. illegally blocked them from crop loan programs for decades


THE GLOBAL WARMING ERA BEGINS   New Orleans may not look like the America we've lived in, but it very much resembles the planet we will inhabit the rest of our lives


CENTRAL AMERICA IN BLOODY WAR ON GANGS   Death squads largely made up of off-duty police officers carry out "social purge"

There's lots more, with new stories added every day about foreign policy and international news, the environment, human rights, globalization, and media criticism. And every week, the Monitor offers the latest columns from Joe Conason, Robert Scheer, Alexander Cockburn, and Steve Young's "Lords of Loud" coverage of talk radio. Isn't it time you started reading the news you're missing?

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