Stalking the Narrow Gauge

Hikers along Tomales Bay can still glimpse an important part of Sonoma County History: the remains of the railroad that built the Russian River area

The Oak Woodland Next Door

Only 10 minutes from downtown Santa Rosa is Annadel State Park, 5,000 acres alive with deer, coyotes, and rich in Bay Area History

Batteries Included

Hike the Marin Headlands and explore the Army batteries, or watch hawks shoot like bullets across the Golden Gate

Rose Gaffney, Hitchcock, and the Hole in the Head

At Bodega Head are ghosts of a nuclear reactor, Alfred Hitchcock, and the memory of the remarkable Rose Gaffney

The Private/Public Russian River

Few know that the sandy beaches all along the Russian River belong to the public; the trick is getting across the private property in front of the beach

Two Worlds of Ragle Park

Behind the manicured playing fields and picnic tables of Sebastopol's Ragle Park lies another park of meadow and marsh, which offers a glimpse of what life was like for the Pomo who thrived next to the Laguna

Olompali's Rich Legacy

Just across the Sonoma-Marin border is the magnificent Olompali State Park, with a 1,500 year history as Coast Miwok homeland

Prime Suspect

Governor Wilson and other politicians increasingly seek to scapegoat immigrants and minorities, but to history buffs, it all sounds unhappily like the anti-Asian racism of the 1880's, particularly against the Chinese -- a time when a sensational Sonoma County murder inflamed hatred statewide (no hike in story)

Mushrooming at Salt Point

Kashaya Pomo have always enjoyed foods from the wild, but we'd be wise to follow their caution. "The Fungus Among Us" discusses mushrooming, and "Nature's Grocery Store" is Salt Point hike

River Town

Petaluma's colorful history of paddlewheel boats, vigilantes, and waterway politics

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