Albion Monitor Issue 46 Late April, 1998
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FREE! EDITORIAL: The Value of Unapproved Broadcasts, Unapproved News
About the newest Albion Monitor and public TV...
FREE! New Study Proves Global Warming, Say Researchers 1997, 1995, and 1990 were the warmest years since AD 1400

Unprecedented Melting at South Pole

U of Arizona researcher Malcom K. Hughes holds rings from trees grown in 1536 and 1472

Photo: John Florence (U of AZ)
Death of James Earl Ray Leaves Unanswered Questions
Analysis of case by AP reporter who covered King assassination
Reporters Sue TV Station, Claim Firing Over Suppressed Story
Was series on Monsanto's controversial bovine growth hormone
Fear and Favor in the Newsroom
Few will see TV documentary on suppresion of hard-hitting news
PBS' Pro-Corporate Stance Hurts Unions
Filmmakers say PBS rejects programs with even portion of labor funding
OK Bomb Grand Jury Nears One-Year Milestone
More right-wing conspiracy claims debunked
Global Forest Crisis Accelerating
In some countries, most of logging done illegally

Photo: Nicholas Wilson
FREE! Round Valley Marks Third Anniversary of Shooting Deaths
Bear Lincoln remembers slain friend
Baby Milk Companies Routinely Violate Global Pact
Had agreed to stop unethical promotion campaigns
EPA to Regulate Heavy Pollution From Livestock Factory Farms
Expect fight by powerful agribusiness lobby
America's 10 Most Endangered Rivers Named
Causes include factory poultry and hog farms, proposed mines and dams


Stock value has fallen dramatically, although Wall Street is booming -- Is it because of the corporation's smarmy ethics?

+ Backlash Growing To NIKE Empire
+ Sued For Allegedly Lying to Public FREE!
+ Drops Charity Donation After Sweatshop Criticism
+ Supports Women Consumers But Not Workers, Say Groups
+ Dictates Editorial Policy In Newsrooms
+ Two Books Document Rise of Nike

U.S. Chinese Garment Workers Fight for Lost Wages
Republican Congress blocking change in laws
U.N. Health Agency Fails to Suppress Pot Report
WHO denies that report was locked away for two years for political reasons
Asylum Seekers at Risk by U.S. Immigration
INS officials accused of intimidation and abuse
Indonesia Notebook: Activists are Disappearing
Scores taken into custody, others just vanish
Tensions in East Timor Rising Amid Indonesia Crisis
Army accused of torture, murder
N Dakota newspaper wins for heroic dedication,
Washington Post publisher for deceptive history

+ Public Served Despite Fire and Flood
+ Publisher's Memoir Needs Scrutiny

Hucksterism as Culture
Few differences between politics, entertainment and commercialism
RICO Conviction of Anti-Abortion Zealot is Bad News
Fuzzy definition of "racketeering" could have been used against civil rights movement
Immigration is an Issue for More Than the Sierra Club
Divisive issue is important for all of us, not just Sierra Clubbers
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
Oil companies planned disinformation campaign, neo-Nazi victories in Germany, Native hero receives harsh justice (Updated May 9)
Michael Moore is a Dangerous Man

America's favorite crank goes after Borders books, the makers of Payday candy bars, and gets a face-to-face interview with Nike CEO Phil Knight

Michael Moore
FREE! Dan Hamburg's Notebook: Ward Valley Protest Passes Milestone
Longest Native American-led occupation in U.S. history

+ IBM and the Fine Art of Bribery
+ The Paula Jones Card

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