Albion Monitor Issue 56 Early January, 1999
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404 Special: The Missing News of 1998
Attorney General To Take Over Bear Lincoln Case? FREE!
Deputy A.G. will appear personally at crucial Friday hearing

1998 Was Hottest Year on Record FREE!
Britain weather agency now predicts runaway greenhouse disaster in year 2050

Oklahoma City Grand Jury Says No Conspiracy
18 month investigation finds no other suspects, no federal involvement

Los Angeles Defies Court, Forbids Trade With Dictatorship
Ethical stand opposed by UNOCAL, will likely be decided by Supreme Court

Impeachment Merry-Go-Round Clinton's Worse Case
Whispering campaign over sex assult hint in Starr Report

A Week Beyond Bizarre
Impeachment, war, sex -- has Washington gone mad?

Impeachment Escalates the Partisan War
The logical climax of our "winner take all" electoral system

Trying to Have it Both Ways
Demos try to justify Iraq bombing as GOP try to justify impeachment

Wellstone For President
Progressive Senator calls campaign money chase "obscene," won't challenge Gore in Y2000

New GOP Speaker was "Contract With America" Point Man
Defended HMOs, insurance corporations from regulation and consumer protection laws

Mobil Oil Implicated in Army Atrocities
Allegedly helped Indonesia's armed forces carry out mass killings near drilling sites

Ozone Hole Might Develop Soon Over Arctic
Canadian govt study finds same pattern as in Antarctic, where damage reaches temperate areas

India is Major Exporter of Killer Chemicals
DDT and banned chemicals shipped throughout South Asia

Alicia Pedreira and Nance Goodman Every Picture Tells a Story
Alicia Pedreira doesn't remember the photograph being snapped, but when she saw it at an exhibit, she thought, "Oh my god, I just lost my job." She was right

Report Says Mexico Not To Blame For Chiapas Massacre
But local people believe army, police protecting murderers who killed 45

Chile's Election Year To Be Dominated By Pinochet's Shadow
Arrested ex-dictator will be key topic in December 1999 presidential race

Worst Polluters to get $18 Billion Tax Break FREE!
Oil and gas tax breaks alone account for close to $11 billion

tugboat The Left Adrift
400 readers of The Nation boarded a Caribbean luxury cruise wondering: When will the writers begin fighting?

World Forests are Bargaining Chip in Greenhouse Debates
Oil corporations "donate" millions to rainforests for pollution credit

Activists Fight Pro-Biotech Advertising
Monsanto charged with "Greenwash" campaign claiming genetically-altered products needed and safe

Denmark Cancels Debts of Poorer Nations
World Bank, IMF oppose writing off millions owed by poorest nations

N Carolina Tribe Evolved Unique Native - English Hybrid Language FREE!
Developed to accommodate pressures from onslaught of English / Scot / Irish settlers in 1600s

International Companies Violate Rights of Pregnant Workers in Mexico
Lear, Sanyo, Tyco, and Samsung among Maquiladora companies that regularly inspect women employees

Standoff Over U.S. Garbage Rejected by Haiti
4000 tons from Philadelphia dumped in Haiti years ago

No Enthusiasm For "Super NAFTA" Over All Americas
Proposed FTAA would create free-trade zone from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego by 2005

Compulsive Gambling is Partly Inherited
5 of 9 gambling addiction behaviors are tied to genes or upbringing

Expect to see more of this famous face in 1999 as publishers and broadcast continue to exploit her name and image to boost ratings and circulation numbers

1998 Was Dismal Year for Ethical Press

P.U. - Litzer Prizes For 1998 Journalism

1998 Decisions Show Why Things Don't Work
"Metamoron" awards to boneheaded business and government leaders

The Fight For Journalism
Censorship not by the government, but by the media owners

Building Media Democracy FREE!
Little diversity of opinion found in mainstream press

Where Have all the Frogs and Toads Gone?
No one knows why these humble, damp, jumpy animals are disappearing

+ CBS Signs Deal With America Online
+ Senate No Model Of Democracy
+ News Coverage of Bombing and Bombast

+ Like Clinton, Gray Davis is Fake "Centrist"
+ The Fate of Rigoberta Menchu
+ Skeletons Tumble From Closets
Ranked 1,106,125 at Amazon Dot Com
Anyone in the world could order his book, but nobody had

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